Second life skin maker

Second life skin maker

This portal is about all things related to creating content within Second Life. Whether it is learning the user interface, to build better, or discovering resident-created tools to ease the complications of developing something.

It should all start here. Since content creation is such a vast field, our community is always progressing, so please feel free to add resources you find helpful as we welcome all contributions in compliance with the Wiki's Editing Guidelines!

Jump to: navigationsearch. Avatar Clothing Tutorials - Get started with making shirts, skins, and more, and increase your couturian aptitude in Second Life. Avatar Toolbox - Information about making skins, attachments, animation overriders and more. Texture Tools - Texture-making programs and utilities, tutorials, books and DVDs, packs and libraries to help you further your texturing skills.

Good Building Practices - Tips and tricks for making good builds. Natalia Zelmanov's Tutorials - A wealth of Resident-created guides in categories like jewelry, particles, and sculpties, all compiled neatly. In-World Maker Tools - Use these tools to help you create or modify content inworld. Trademark - The list of active Real world companies involved in Second Life.

Contains a tutorial on creating an animation in Poser. Travel the Mainland today! Natalia Zelmanov's Travel Guide - A long list of places you'll want to visit, from realistic to more fantastics builds. Good for newcomers and the experienced alike — capture memories and relive emotions!

High-quality snapshot tips - Torley Linden shares techniques to taking great photos in this guide. Features Pathfinding - Learn how to add movement to your world with Pathfinding. Mesh - The powerful ability to import polygonal mesh created in popular 3D tools. Havok 2k10 - A significant upgrade to the Havok physics engine. Sculpted Prims - Learn how to make Sculpties! Voice - Audio voice chat can assist you in collaborating faster while creating.

WindLight - Our atmospheric rendering technology. Pretty skies, customizable water, and performance optimizations. Machinima Machinima - This portal provides information on: machinima machine animationmachinimatographers, opportunities, features, tips and tricks, software, and machinima events in Second Life.

Movie Recording - Various tools, tricks, and known issues with recording inworld footage. Whether you make machinima or video bug reports, this may be of use to you. Video Tutorials. Video Tutorials - Find it difficult to follow text and still pictures?

Want to learn Second Life in an "over-your-shoulder" way? Visit here — not all of these are about content creation, but many of them are related.

second life skin maker

Related resources Debug Settings - Variety of tweaks to make Second Life easier, such as smoothing mouse motion, and "hidden" graphics settings.Glam affair matched, detailed, but they don't have many options. Any Recommends i will appreciate it. Pink Fuel has been my fave since classic avatar days, and continues to be my choice for a wide variety of mesh heads.

I adore Lumae personally but that just my opinion, and beauty of opinions we can all differ however up to you what you choose ultimately! Many times the neck seem is different even though it "should" be super smooth and completely matching. Not all skin creators have the same skill. When you find one that is perfect, pounce on it. Hello, my favorites all the time are Insol but they have not additional optionsThe Skinnery you can choose between different tummy, nipples, cleavage, etc Now I saw, that L'etre added some new body skins with different options and Studio Exposure have some 3 or 4 different belly options too I think.

One of the lesser-known brands that are excellent so you may want to try their demos is Atelier Pepe. I know they have some of their stuff on Market Place, but not all.

Last I looked they support Catwa and Genus heads, and most bodies. Also try Not Found. Lesser known too - several current events have their appliers at them this month. Switched to Sessions recently, and its he best skin I had so far. And for Maitreya it has a nice body applier with several options, like tan lines, abs, freckles and more. Session is one of my top 5. I love the body options and the faces are extremely realistic in appearance.

Good choice. Here's a list of landmarks for skins that i've collected in the last year or two. There were many others, including Session as mentioned above, but they were outdated and i forgot to grab new ones for them.

You should be able to search for their stores within SL, or you can try searching on the Marketplace.Asked by bateliii. Be carefull with full perm items on MP. That's what the InWorld Employment forum is for. Whenever you are looking for a creator to make a custom item for you, post there.

Creators will also post there to let other people know that they are available for work, so look for posts that seem related to your question. If you are looking or something that may already exist, use the Wanted forum or search in Marketplace or with your Search tool in world.

Custom items almost always cost more, because they are made to your specifications and will usually be one-of-a kind items. In your case, I suggest posting first in the Wanted forum, hoping to find something that is already available.

You might also try asking in the Fashion forum or the Avatar forum, where you could get suggestions from people with similar interests. Then, if you really can't find anything, take the more expensive route and post in InWorld Employment for a creator to make a custom skin.

I am betting there are some good Asian skins out there -- you just need to find them. I suppose it depends on what you mean by 'realistic'. The word seems to imply you have a specific look in mind and you aren't finding it. I find that it isn't so much the Skin that provides the Asian look as it is the Shapeespecially the eyes. For skin it is mostly a matter of getting a skin color that works for what you want.

About my second year in SL I searched through Asian skins trying to find my first one.

second life skin maker

With some effort you'll find a huge range of skin makers. A good portion of them make ethnic skins. Still the problem is finding a skin and shape that provide the Asian look you want. I decided on a Skin and made my own shape.

second life skin maker

Deluxe Body Factory makes several Asian skins, male and female. There are 72 pages of Asian Skins in the marketplace. Most of those have in-world shops. I suspect someone in that group would be willing to make a custom skin.

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The 2016 Guide To Skin-Painting Basics

Eloh Eliot gives away beautiful! In-world, wearable Starlight skins are on the third floor of the Gnubie Store in Powder Mill or on her foggy parcel in Lippert. Off-world, Starlight skins are available via Xstreet.

July 19, at am. Thank you so much :3 I know this is an old post, but…new to me? I was having trouble finding skins I liked. These are lovely! Thank you so much for sharing where to find them. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Making Clothing for Secondlife For Beginners

Email required Address never made public. Name required. Home Home. Blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Hello everyone. I've recently got interested in the art of skin making. I was wondering if there are any MODERN tutorials out there or template kits that do not have the base shadows and highlights already drawn in.

Reason being is I want to study how a skin is made from start to finish, not just the kits that have you replace certain features. Yes, I have searched this forum, marketplace, google, and youtube. It seems all the tutorials everyone is being referred to are extremely out of date. Like it's the secretive "either you know it or you don't" deal.

What are some of the processes they may use? Or better yet, if you are one how about some tips? Creating realistic skin is one thing but getting the shadows and highlights seem to be the hardest.

Eloh Eliot has a number of Photoshop files of her skins where you can see exactly what goes into them. She also has a few tutorials look under "Starlight'. These aren't the newest skins available but there are small skin makers who still sell skins based on these ones.

They take a huge amount of time and a pretty thorough knowledge of Photoshop or Gimp or similar type software. I wish I could steer you to a good tutorial but I am not aware of any you havn't probably already tried. The Eloh skin files are a great place to start tho, taking them apart and trying different things with them can teach you a lot. You can deconstruct the skin with these files and really see how the layers work and come together in a final skin.

Having done this extensively myself, I can't tell you there is an actual 'process' other than trying things and seeing how they work, and how they match up to what you're trying to accomplish. Shelby, thanks for laying it out for me and I completely understand it's a trial and error approach, but what I'm saying is unless you have a major degree in texturing it seems to be impossible to skin at least decently in SL and that's a shame.

Too many skinners are quiet on their methods and tricks that might save a few people some time on making SL a more diverse place skin wise.

Warning: I don't know exactly what you mean because there are two distinct styles. One is hand painted, even if realism is there. The other is photo sourced, even if painting is done to make it work because SL doesn't have real types of shaders and the images distort when you paint the photo on in 3d software.

I will post some stuff I learned while searching fo ra similar set of things.Second Life is a 3-D virtual world. A world of possibilities - a place where you have the ability to do almost anything you can imagine.

In a little over a year, Second Lifes Residents have crafted a richly textured world filled with hundreds of thousands of objects of their own creation Playing Second Life and you would like to know which of your friends are online before you launch the application?

With Second Life Notifier, you can track whos getting online and offline without having to launch Second Life. Second Life Notifier doesnt merely display a list of online friends. Platforms: Mac. Now you can create posters and collages from your digital photos! Show off your vacation pictures in style! Create a freeform or grid style collage poster of your child through the years. Use the program to create custom posters that will be treasured by grandparents, coaches, or teachers. Platforms: Windows.

Second Life Friends Online widget lets you know which of your Second Life friends are currently online. The same data is available on the secondlife. And yes, it does work, despite the negative review. Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux.

Just take any image. In the software place all croped and main image properly. Click on build your skin is ready. It is very easy and simple to make you own windows media player skin with this software. Second Life is a nothing less than a virtual 3D world completely built and run solely by its residents. Basically, the objective of Second Life is Life Photo Maker allows you to add visual and sound effects to your digital photos.

You can easily add water effect such as waterfall, beach, lake by drawing a water mask on your photo. You can apply up to 6 different water effects in single photo.

You can also add snow and rain effect to your Live your entire life, from birth to death, in 30 seconds. At every moment, your choices determine where your life will lead.

Slack off as a white collar worker, and get laid off. If you work hard as a cat burglar, you'll become a criminal mastermind!

Have an Adventure

Can you find the path to becoming a cyborg? Platforms: iOS.The CMU animation library :. Qavimator for making animations - 6 MB zip. Gif 2 SL v0. Rokuro lathe sculpt maker link.

SculptyPaint link. Sculptyspace v02a 1 MB zip by Sculpty Carver. SculptySpace will show you exactly how your sculpties will appear in SecondLife - even at different levels of detail. Tokroton 1. SL Prim Emboss - link. Avatar Workbench female link.

Fitted mesh survival kit link. Second Life avatars. Includes the male and female models in the following formats:. SL Avatars set up for Photoshop 0.

Standard 5 sizes. Strawberry Freckled skin by Strawberry Holiday. Starlight Face PSD Starlight Face XCF Starlight Face AI 2.

Pleiades Face PSD Sound Leech to capture sounds link Does not work on Dell - those cheapskate bastards - 0. SculptySpace will show you exactly how your sculpties will appear in SecondLife - even at different levels of detail Prim Lathe link Tokroton 1. This web site is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research. Outworldz,LLC is a Texas corporation and is entirely non-commercial.

second life skin maker

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